Do you want free access to top medical advice when you most need it?

Critical illness insurance pays a lump-sum benefit should you suffer a serious and potentially life changing illness - an illness such as a  heart attack or stroke, cancer or multiple sclerosis.

This insurance is very popular in Gibraltar and for good reason. Critical illness can be devastating for both the sufferer and their families (click here for some fact and figures about critical illnesses). The effects are not just the obviously physical, but can also be emotional and financial. In Gibraltar things are even more difficult if specialist treatment in the UK is required.

While Critical illness insurance protects against the costs of treatment and loss of earnings, suffering a critical illness can still be the cause of great worry.

This is where a service offered by AIG called ‘Best Doctors’ can help. Best Doctors is a free medical advice service available to the person covered by the policy or their partner and which provides access to over 5,000 doctors in over 400 different disciplines. Each of these doctors is recognised as a leading world specialist in their field. If policyholders suffering a critical illness are worried about their diagnosis or treatment then they can access this Best Doctors service to get a second opinion and information about treatment from a leading specialist in their condition.

Watch the video below (02:45 minutes) to see how one client of AIG has benefitted from the Best Doctors service.