Are you in the process of buying property in Beachview Terraces, Midtown, Quay 29, Royal Ocean Plaza, Imperial Ocean Plaza...?

Buying a new property is exciting, but there’s a lot to think about. One thing you shouldn’t forget is to ensure you and your family do not have the heartbreak of losing your property should you suffer a set back to your life which results in you not being able to repay the mortgage. 

Fortunately there is a cheap and easy solution. This is to take out life, sickness and disability insurance to cover the mortgage - either the mortgage  capital or the mortgage repayments.

As an example you can insure the capital outstanding on a 25 year mortgage of £100,000 from just £5.36 per month. Premiums are fixed and will never increase (This premium is an example of life insurance cover and is based on a healthy non-smoker, male or female, aged 30). 

Don’t forget this final important last step and protect your new investment for you and your family.