Are you buying a home?

Buying a new property is exciting, but there’s a lot to think about. One thing you shouldn’t forget is to ensure you and your family do not have the heartbreak of losing your home should you suffer a set back in your life which results in you not being able to repay the mortgage.

Fortunately there are cheap and easy solutions: To take out life, sickness and/or disability insurances to cover the liability - either the mortgage capital or the mortgage repayments.

EFPG can advise you on term assurance, critical illness (and Key3) cover, income protection and family income benefit according to your requirements and budget.

In our experience we have found that in some cases a combination of different covers can not only provide the protection that is needed but also keeps down the cost. Your circumstances and requirements can be explored during EFPG’s fact finding and advice process to ensure that the solution is right for you.

Please see the example below.


Term Assurance

This example is for the most basic form of life cover - Term assurance. The basis of this cover is that you insure the capital outstanding on a mortgage against your and/or your partner’s life. Premiums are fixed and will never increase.

Please contact EFPG if you want to know more.