The EFPG International Gold Retirement Plan

A contract-based international pension plan which provides a pension that meets the definition of a Qualifying Non-UK Pensions Scheme (QNUPS).

Is established by a contract between European Financial Planning Group Limited (EFPG) and the client whereby EFPG provides a pension plan (the EFPG Gold Personal Pension Plan Scheme) that is tax approved by the Gibraltar Commissioner of Income Tax and in addition it meets the definition of a Qualifying Non-UK Pension Scheme (QNUPS).

Is designed to accept regular savings or lump sum contributions. Those contributions do not have to be based on declared earnings, nor do to they have to be transfers from an existing tax approved pension scheme.

Offers low cost and efficient administration with advanced investment options.

Advantages of the EFPG International Gold Retirement Plan:

QNUPS are recognised as pension schemes by the UK and international tax authorities

QNUPS can be used to supplement or top up pension benefits provided by UK registered pension schemes but without some of their constraints, for example the source of contributions and Lifetime Allowance (LTA).

Investments held within overseas pension schemes that meet the definition of a QNUPS are not subject to UK inheritance tax (IHT) unless there is evidence of deliberate tax avoidance.

  • A contract-based QNUPS has advantages over a trust-based QNUPS:

  • If you are tax resident in a jurisdiction where contract-based pension arrangements are the norm, such as Spain, a contract based QNUPS is preferable, especially  if an annuity is going to be purchased.

  • For UK property rental income, the tax basis is lower.

  • Dividends are also taxed at a lower rate.

EFPG would recommend that you spoke to your financial adviser with regards to the above three points.

Why Gibraltar?

Gibraltar is an attractive jurisdiction that is English speaking and which is similar to the UK with respect to the time zone, and the legal and financial regulatory systems.

Gibraltar does not apply VAT to fees charged by financial services providers which makes pensions and financial advice cheaper for clients.


EFPG has established terms of business with a number of stockbrokers, private banks, platforms and bond providers in several of jurisdictions to cater for a diverse range of client investment preferences. Our open architecture Scheme benefits from these arrangements.

EFPG’s staff have a broad range of in-depth knowledge gained from managing life companies, working in the fund management industry, company management, accountancy and audit as well as having fully qualified financial advisers and two members of staff with legal qualifications. Our administrative personnel and systems are also first-rate.

EFPG also has an estate agency which can be used to facilitate property transactions and local property management.

EFPG has established relationships with UK legal companies to facilitate any UK requirements such as conveyancing or the setting up of special purpose vehicles.

EFPG has very close connections with top-flight UK and Spanish tax advisers.

The EFPG International Gold Retirement Plan - At a Glance

A contract between EFPG and yourself which provides a Gibraltar Tax Office approved pension scheme

Lump sum contributions accepted

Save regularly from as little as £100 per month

A simple low charge fee structure

Available to individuals from the age of age 18

Benefits can be taken from the age of 55 and must be taken from the age of 75 and over

Up to 30% of the fund can be taken as a tax-free lump sum, the balance of the fund is payable as lifetime income on which Gibraltar income tax is payable currently at the rate of 2.5%

A huge choice of investments and investment funds are available that can be chosen by you or your adviser.

Please see the Fee Schedules and Key Facts Document in our download area

Please contact us if you would like to know more.

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