Investment Philosophy 

 “Investing is simple, but not easy” – Warren Buffet

Saving and investing money is central to most people's financial planning. However, many find this a difficult and complex area. Lack of the correct investment strategy, the inappropriate choice of investments, and lack of monitoring of investments commonly lead to disappointment and disillusionment.

It doesn’t matter whether you are saving and investing generally or specifically within a pension scheme, at EFPG we believe that choosing the right investment strategy is fundamental to investment success. With this in mind we have developed our own distinctive investment philosophy and market leading investment management service, both of which are provided through our Wealthbuilder savings and investment plan and our range of pension plans.

Our investment philosophy is based on certain core principles and the belief that investors' interests are best served by capturing the returns that investment markets provide:

  • as simply and cheaply as possible

  • in a way that avoids many aspects of investment risk that are, in our opinion, unnecessary and unrewarded

We believe strongly that investing successfully doesn't have to rely on luck, any form of speculation, or about whether a hunch about a particular investment or market timing will pay off. Instead our approach is thoughtful, logical, and based on the science of how investment markets actually work.

Further information about our investment philosophy is available in our investment brochure which is available here or contact us.

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