The International Prudence Bond


The International Prudence Bond is provided by Prudential International Assurance (Ireland) and is a single premium, whole of life investment product.

EFPG has selected the IPB as “best of breed” due to its clear fee structure and the quality of the investments available.


The main key features of the bond are listed in the table below. If you are interested please contact EFPG to find out more.

Additionally, depending upon how much you invest, Prudential will enhance your allocation - for example if you invest £150,000, Prudential will enhance your allocation to 101.5% so from day one your investment would be worth £152,250.

The product is intended to achieve investment growth over the medium to long term, usually a minimum of 5-10 years.

With most investments you are exposed to the short-term ups and downs of markets, which can result in extreme peaks and troughs in the value of your investments. Prudential’s PruFund range uses a process know as smoothing to mitigate these fluctuations thus giving you a noticeably smoother annual return. They also apply an estimated growth rate, which is reviewed every quarter. The Estimated Growth Rates (EGR) for the two funds on offer are (currently) as below:


Please note, there is a 1.2% p.a. management fee for both funds that is not included in the EGRs.

An additional feature is that if you relocate to Spain, your bond can easily be converted to a Prudential Spanish Compliant Bond and if desired, your investments switched to Euro funds instead of the GBP funds mentioned above.

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