EFPG Jubilee Personal Pension Plan

We all have to provide for our retirement.

You may be making some provision already, or you may be doing nothing - perhaps hoping for an inheritance, dreaming of winning the lottery, or just hoping something will turn up.

Alternatively you may be planning for this in other ways - relying on selling your businesses, downsizing your home or investing in buy-to-let property.

Either way it’s only sensible to consider paying into a pension scheme.

Compared to a general savings scheme a pension scheme has two particular advantages:

  • Tax efficiency - unlike other savings and investment schemes contributions qualify for tax relief if you have taxable income in Gibraltar.

  • Your money is established in a fund specially earmarked for your retirement, and is protected against any other pressures or use.

EFPG's Jubilee Personal Pension Plan offers an excellent investment strategy, low costs and flexibility. We believe it to be the best personal pension plan available in Gibraltar.

The EFPG Jubilee Personal Pension Plan- At a Glance

  • A Gibraltar Tax Office approved personal pension scheme

  • Available to individuals aged 18 to 74

  • Save regularly from £100 per month

  • Flexibility to stop, start or alter your contributions

  • No penalties if you stop or reduce your contributions

  • Accepts contributions from you and/or your employer (if applicable)

  • Lump sum contributions accepted at any time

  • Efficient and low cost

  • Flexibility over when you take retirement benefits (as long as it is between ages 55 and 75)

  • Benefits may be taken as a tax free lump sum, a lifetime income, or a combination of both

  • High quality investment strategy

  • Alternatively a huge choice of investments and investment funds which can be chosen by you


The EFPG Jubilee Personal Pension Plan - Q&A

How secure is the EFPG Jubilee Personal Pension Plan?

The provider and trustee of the scheme is European Financial Planning Group whose activities are regulated by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission. The scheme is written under a master trust approved by the Gibraltar Commissioner of Income Tax.

How does the EFPG Jubilee Personal Pension Plan differ from other personal pension schemes available in Gibraltar?

The EFPG Jubilee Personal Pension Plan utilises “best of breed“ administration and investment management. This means that the Jubilee Personal Pension Plan is unbeatable in terms of low costs, flexibility, and investment options.

The Jubilee offers free trading for regular investments into funds. This can save very significant sums in the long-term.

Why are low costs, flexibility and a wide range of investment options important?

Quite simply low costs mean that more of your savings are working for you.

A feature of modern working life is change. These days people rarely spend the whole of their career in the same employment. It is important that a pension scheme has the flexibility to cope with changed circumstances, and that it does so without penalising the saver.

Investing effectively is probably the single biggest factor determining the success of a pension arrangement. This is a complex area and problematical for many people. The EFPG Jubilee Personal Pension Plan has an excellent simplified investment strategy that is entirely satisfactory for most people. However, it also offers an unbeatable range of investments for those with wider investment ambitions.