Key 3 Cover is a simplified critical illness policy that pays a lump sum following the life assured being diagnosed with one of the following illnesses;

  • Cancer

  • Heart Attack

  • Stroke

Although this is a more restrictive policy, these illnesses made up 83.5% of AIG’s claims in 2016. Key 3 Critical illness cover can give you peace of mind by ensuring that your financial liabilities are not affected following your diagnosis.

There are additional benefits that can be included in your policy such as;

Increasing cover – The sum assured can be increased annually to combat the effects of inflation

Waiver of Premium – Ensures your policy remains in force if you are unable to meet premiums following incapacitation for more than 26 weeks.

It is important to consider carefully how much protection you require. EFPG advise that you do speak to a financial adviser to determine a sum assured that provides suitable protection and meets your affordability requirements.

Critical Illness policies can also include Term Assurance benefits, for more information on the benefits of Term Assurance please click here.

The two examples below include Term Assurance and are for policies that require no additional underwriting, so are for healthy individuals with no family histories of illness.

k3 1.png
k3 2.png

Please note there is no Total Permanent Disability option for Key3 cover.

As these quotes are for a non-smoker the premiums have remained low, however the premiums will be higher for smokers. 

A brief video summarising the cover entitled ‘“Key 3 in less than four minutes” can be seen below.


With a Key3 policy you would benefit from AIG’s partnership with Best Doctors and Winston’s Wish.

If you would like to know more about Key3 please contact us.

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