What types of life and sickness insurance do you really need - and how much?

Do you have too little life and sickness insurance? Or in fact do you have too much? 

Do you have the right kind of life and sickness insurances?

Do your insurances take into account insurance cover you may have but are not even particularly aware of? For example, does your employer offer life insurance as part of your employment contract? If so, how much? How long would your employer pay your salary and at what rate if you had to take a long time off work through sickness or injury, or in the extreme if you were unable to return to work at all?

Various types of life and sickness insurance policies are available which can pay either a lump sum or an income on either death, serious or long term illness, or disability (our Protection Solutions section provides further brief details)

Insuring a person is not complicated, but it is also not as straightforward as insuring a TV or car. The replacement value of things you can buy is easy to ascertain. But valuing a human life or a replacing a lost income or assessing financial needs of dependents can be more complicated. And of course when you think about it it’s actually much more important.

EFPG is expert at making personal protection assessments so please contact us if you would like a free review of your cover.