Reviewing your life cover

Should you replace your life cover policy?

  • Are you paying smokers rates but have stopped smoking?

  • Did you start your life policy over five years ago?

  • Are you in good health?

  • Have your circumstances changed?

  • Does your current policy cover critical illness?

  • Is the level of cover still sufficient?

  • Is your level of cover fixed or is it periodically reviewed?

The cost of life insurance has dramatically reduced over the last few years, all the above are reasons to review your life cover.

You may be able to increase your level of cover without paying extra.

Did you know smokers rates are twice that of non-smokers? If you have given up for longer than 12 months we may be able to provide a cheaper option.

Old style policies did not have critical illness cover. Considering that you are more likely to suffer from a critical illness than die, this is worth considering.

Have your circumstances changed? Marriage, children it might be a good time to review levels of cover and include your partner.

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