The US Election

This month saw the end of the seemingly never-ending race to the White House. So EFPG though it apt to share with you the following quotes:

  • "He's nothing but a B-List TV personality. He has no business being in politics."
  • "He's been divorced and remarried. He can't commit to anything."
  • "He's dangerously ignorant about international affairs. The Russian leaders will walk all over him."
  • "He has no filter - doesn't think before he speaks."
  • "Until recently, he was a Democrat. He's not a real Republican. He hasn't paid his GOP dues."
  • "That can't be his real hair!"
  • "He's a loose cannon. No one wants HIS finger on the nuclear button."
  • "His opponent has the experience and political savvy to be president. He does not."
  • "He's just not presidential."
  • "He's proven himself to be mentally unstable."
  • "He's almost 70. Much too old to be president."
  • "He's racist, xenophobic, and fuels the fires of hatred!"
  • "You shouldn't take him seriously. He has a penchant for offering simplistic solutions to hideously complex problems and a stubborn insistence that he is always right in every argument.”

The above were all quotes about Ronald Reagan prior to being voted as US President twice and being ranked by the American Political Science Association as being the 11th best ever President of the USA ahead of JFK and Barack Obama.

Sp please, don’t panic…..yet.