The Wealthbuilder Plan

The EFPG Wealthbuilder Plan is our savings and investment plan which puts our Investment Philosophy into practice. It can be used as a flexible, efficient and low cost investment scheme, savings scheme or both.

The EFPG Wealthbuilder Regular Savings and Investment Scheme - At a Glance

  • A single scheme that can accept both regular savings and/or lump sum investments

  • Flexible - make lump sum investments or change your level of savings when you like

  • Make withdrawals whenever you wish

  • Save regularly from as little as £100 per month.

  • Low charges

  • Simplify investment management and save money by investing funds according to EFPG’s recommendations

  • Alternatively a huge choice of investments and investment funds which can be chosen by you

  • Allows all your savings and investments to be in one place which makes it easier to keep track of your money

  • All investment returns are free of tax in Gibraltar

The EFPG Wealthbuilder Investment and Regular Savings Scheme - Q&A

  • What is the EFPG Wealthbuilder Investment & Regular Savings Scheme?

The EFPG Wealthbuilder Investment & Regular Savings Scheme is an investment scheme, a savings scheme or, if you wish, both! It combines in one powerful plan the opportunity to save and invest in one place. This is not only simple and convenient, but it enables you to access, manage and monitor your finances more easily and effectively.  

  • What does the scheme invest in?

The scheme allows you to invest in a very wide range of investments ranging from safer investments such as accounts and bonds to potentially higher yielding investments such as investment funds and individual securities such as company shares.

  • How do I know it’s right for me?

Wealthbuilder is a “no-nonsense” scheme with simple, low and transparent charges and which can comfortably be whatever you want - whether this be a simple single investment or a platform for a portfolio of investments for the more ambitious, active and hands-on investor.