Winston’s Wish

The death of a parent or sibling can be one of the most fundamental losses a child will ever face.

Through AIG’s partnership with Winston’s Wish*, if one of their policyholders dies or is diagnosed with a terminal illness, AIG will fund the family to receive the specialist support they need to help them rebuild their lives after the death of a loved one.

Winston’s Wish offers the widest range of practical support and guidance, including online resources, publications, a national telephone helpline, professional face-to-face support and group work.

Anyone making a life or terminal illness claim can use this service – it doesn’t matter when the policy was taken out.

Please note that Winston’s Wish is not available with our Whole of Life, Care Cover with Whole of Life or Business Protection products.

*Winston’s Wish is a non-contractual benefit which can be withdrawn at any time without notice. Winston’s Wish is an independent service, and does not form part of AIG’s claims process and does not form part of the insurance policy.