Advice for Businesses

EFPG offers a comprehensive range of financial planning services to businesses including (but not limited to):

  • Advice on how to establish a new pension scheme - types of scheme available, design of contribution and benefit structure, employer and employee tax considerations, scheme investment and administration choices, etc.
  • Reviews of existing pension schemes - cost competitiveness, investment and administration performance. Advice on pension scheme restructuring.
  • Advice on how to discontinue pension schemes (scheme wind up).
  • Employee financial counselling and education on pension benefits - both during the accumulation stage whilst working and when scheme benefits are taken on retirement. This has become a much more important area given the prevalence of defined contribution pension schemes where employees have more personal responsibility over how much they save and how they invest their pension funds, and now that employees can take their entire pension scheme as a lump sum on retirement and hence need to manage their retirement savings effectively for the rest of their lives.
  • Employee financial counselling on redundancy.
  • Advice and provision of other employee benefits, e.g. death in service life insurance schemes, critical illness and long term sickness and disability insurance schemes.
  • Partner/shareholder protection and business exit planning.
  • Risk assessment and provision of “key man” insurance arrangements.
  • Advice and support to senior employees and their families following international relocation to or from Gibraltar.
  • Advice and support to widows, dependents and family following employee bereavement.

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