Advice for Individuals

EFPG provides expert, trustworthy, and totally independent financial planning and investment advice. We help our clients to plan and organise their finances effectively so that – quite simply – they can live better.

To provide financial advice we naturally need to understand our clients, their objectives and priorities. Like doctors we cannot treat on the basis of a hasty or casual diagnosis. We are diligent and spend time with our clients.

We always confirm our financial advice in writing and in detail before any commitment is entered into. We are only too aware that the financial commitments our clients make into investments and pensions may be significant, and that they may not be on familiar or comfortable ground. We aim to help them every step of the way.

We believe that what people want and need are financial planning solutions that are:

  1. straightforward
  2. low cost
  3. low maintenance
  4. and which, above all, can be depended upon to deliver the intended results

Our professional advice and support is designed to ensure that your finances are correctly planned and organised, that you are in control of your financial planning, and that you meet your financial objectives.

Our advisers are qualified to UK professional standards and our advice is regulated by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission due to our membership of the Nexus Global Network that gives EFPG the relevant permissions to provide financial advice across the EU for locals and ex-pats.

Take your first steps towards achieiving financial freedom.

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We will work closely with you to identify and quantify your financial needs, targets, issues, risks and priorities and produce a comprehensive financial planning report that details a range of recommended solutions - all tailormade to your specific desired outcomes.