Critical Illness Cover

Critical Illness cover is designed to provide a lump sum when the life assured suffers from a range of specified illnesses or undergoes a specified operation during the policy term. Apart from the emotional difficulty suffering from a critical illness can cause, it can also result in medical expenses or the inability to work for a period of time. Critical illness cover can give you peace of mind by ensuring that your financial liabilities are not affected.

There are optional benefits that can be included in your critical illness policy such as;

  1. Waiver of Premium – Ensures your policy remains in force if you are unable to meet premiums following incapacitation for more than 26 weeks.
  2. Total Disability – This protects against non-permanent disability where a percentage of the sum assured is paid.
  3. Total Permanent Disability – If the life assured is permanently disabled then the sum assured will be paid in full less any payments made for Total Disability.
  4. Increasing cover – The sum assured can be increased annually to combat the effects of inflation.

You will also receive children’s critical illness cover at no additional cost. Children are covered up to the age of 22 and includes child-specific conditions such as cerebral palsy or cystic fibrosis. There is no limit to how many children are covered however the benefit is payable only once per child. There are some restrictions to this cover, for further information book your free consultation.

It is important to consider carefully how much protection you require.

Critical Illness policies generally include Term Assurance benefits but we can provide a plan without Term Assurance cover if required

*All illustrated quotes are subject to underwriting and not guaranteed

Example 1
25 year old male non-smoker with office job

£25,000 cover for a term of 40 years including:
  • waiver of premium
  • total permanent disability

£10.93 per month

Example 2
40 year old couple, non-smokers, with office jobs

£25,000 cover for a term of 20 years including:
  • waiver of premium
  • total permanent disability

£30.61 per month


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