Opportunities in India


  1. India is the fifth largest economy in the world – hot on the heels of the UK.
  2. India’s economy is the fastest growing economy in the world – annual 9.4% growth in GDP between 2006 and 2016
  3. Forecasts consider that the economy will double in size to GDP €5 trillion in 6 years and to overtake the US by 2030.
  4. There are 25 million new births every year – that’s one Australia every year.
  5. The Real Estate market is expected to hit $650 billion in 6 years and $1 trillion by 2030.
  6. India has seen significant growth in infrastructure spending. It’s been estimated that India needs $5 trillion in infrastructure investment to sustain its economic growth.
  7. Initiatives like ‘Make in India’ are aiming to make India a global manufacturing hub. In July 2018, Samsung inaugurated the world’s biggest mobile phone factory in Uttar Pradesh and will double the company’s mobile phone production capacity to 120 million units by 2020.
  8. The country is in a tech start-up boom. This start-up ecosystem is now the world’s third largest and is maturing rapidly. It has attracted over $20 billion inward investment in the past three years.
  9. 9th largest Civil Aviation market in the world. 464 airports and airstrips today, with the aim to increase the number of operational airports by 250 by 2020.
  10. India has expanded its solar generating capacity eight-fold since 2014 and achieved the target of 20 GW of capacity four years ahead of schedule. India plans to generate $200–$300 billion of new investment in renewable energy infrastructure over the next decade.
  11. Tourism is expected to grow by nearly 5% year on year.

India – facts and figures

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